Calcio Storico

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Episode 4
What is “Calcio Storico” you say? Well watch the video to find out. As always, YouTube is available for those that need it.

Field Trips

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Well it took me way too long, but here’s episode three finally. There are photos on flickr and as always a YouTube version if you need it. However, those of you who are as tired as I am of listening to the sound of my voice droning on and on forever, well I’m sorry. The good news is I’m already hard at work on episode four and it’s going to be pretty fantastic. I promise. Ciao!

At long last, the second episode is here. Check out Flickr for higher quality versions of the photos from the slide show, and for you poor people who can't handle QuickTime, YouTube is also available.
Friday night I wound up staying late at the San Gallo campus waiting for my video to finish compressing and then (fail) to upload so I stopped at the first cafe that I could find that was still open to get a bite to eat. The place was surprisingly packed and I wound up sharing a table with an elderly Italian woman who offered me a seat. Her English seemed remarkably good and she started talking to me. Eventually though, I started speaking too quickly (as I naturally do) and too much in English and she scolded me; something along the lines of "I'm speaking English to you as a courtesy, you're in my country you should speak Italian." However, when I tried to use my bastardized span-englo-talian, she got even more annoyed and told me to just tell her in English. At that point though, the barman came to my rescue and told the woman, I gather, "while he's talking to you he can't eat, shut up old lady!" I'm almost certainly going back to that cafe again, although this time maybe I'll sit by myself.

Episode 1.mp4 
I'm finally here! You have no idea how much trouble I went through to get this stupid thing to work, but it's here!


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Title Sequence.mp4
(YouTube link for you poor bastards that need it)

As many of you know, this May I'll be leaving to spend three months in Florence, Italy. Earlier this year I was hired by the Santa Reparata International School of Art to manage their student labs for the summer session and provide general technical support. I'll also be graduating from college in May, and when my parents asked what I wanted as a gift, I told them a digital camcorder. The reason why is this: today I'm announcing A Texan in Florence, my video blog. While I'm overseas, I'm going to try to produce two to three brief (~4 minute) videos a week documenting my experiences there. This is the first time I've ever been out of the country, and I really can't tell you how excited I am about it. I will of course be uploading the videos on YouTube and posting them here as well as MySpace & Facebook but I really encourage y'all to subscribe to my blog since that'll have the best quality and the quickest updates.

Like I said, I am really stoked about this, and I really want to share this experience with you all so keep you eyes peeled for new episodes starting sometime around May 15.

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